Wrist Brace


Wrist supports are used to secure the wrist when doing physical activity or needing to heal. They restrain the joint and provide stabilization to the wrist bones and muscles. Wrist supports play a defending role in times where the wrist needs support and strength such as weight lifting or bodybuilding. Under this category there are wrist support braces that are particularly light to wear offering soothing warmth and stability, and some that are that bit more helpful, depending on the severity of the injury. The Comfort Cool Arthritis Thumb Splint is a thumb stabilizer providing compression and support when and where it is most needed. It is a perfect splint for tendonitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and CMC joint discomfort due to repetitive motion. Its padded, contoured strap braces the thumb while allowing complete hand movement.  Another premium wrist support is the Comfort Cool D-Ring Thumb and Wrist Splint. It is one of the most recommended wrist braces among therapists. Ideal for individuals with wrist and thumb complications, this splint provided rigid support and can be customized to fit your hand by the removable, bendable aluminum supports and Velcro straps.  To view many other wrist supports and braces, Click--> WRIST BRACE