Core Products Traction Table Accessory Kit

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Core Products Traction Table Accessory Kit

Features and Benefits

The Traction Table Accessory Kit provides three professional products to increase comfort for the patient during traction treatments.

  • The Traction Table Harness is contoured to fit comfortably under the rib cage of both female and male patients, but more importantly, both the thoracic and lumbar wraps are made from a nonslip material that ensures the belts stays in place over clothing.
  • The RB Traction Pillow protects your table from unnecessary wear and tear, and raises the patient’s shoulders while supporting the lower cervical area. This pillow increases the overall comfort for patients during traction treatment.
  • The Traction Table Knee Bolster Setis a durable aid for clinical or home use. Featuring independent bolsters to support each leg, this set is a fully functional, easy to use accessory.

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