New Options Sports Cubital Tunnel Support With Velcro Closure | Made in USA

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  • Recommended for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Features and Benefits:

  • Mesh inner sleeve holds the brace in place while adjusting
  • Bicep hook and loop with Velcro closure
  • Removable stays for washing
  • Available in breathable Koolflex material
  • Can be worn overnight (Koolflex version only)

Koolflex is a light breathable knit fabric which wicks perspiration away from the body and is an alternative product for those who have to wear supports for long periods of time or are in warm climates.

                                             SIZING CHART:
                          (Measure the largest circumference of the forearm)
X-Small 8"-9" Large 11"-12" XXX-Large 16"-18"
Small 9"-10" X-Large 12"-14"    
Medium 10"-11" XX-Large 14"-16"