Comfy™ Splints Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis

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The Comfy™ Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis is a dynamic splint that works to help increase knee extension following surgery, CVA, injury or Neurological complications. It helps ameliorate strong flexor tone. This splint allows for progressive extension in 10° increments. The spring goniometer allows one to set degree of flexion and extension desired. When the patient flexes the knee to the maximum flexion, a spring loaded gently pushes the extremity to the pre-set degree of extension. The goniometer is set by using the allen wrench, which is conveniently stored in the orthosis between straps and cover.

Material: Available in Terry Cloth or Headliner/Broad Cloth (Adult size ONLY)
Also available in Comfyprene™, neoprene here.
Optional knee pad available for extra padding across knee.

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 Size Chart
 Size Knee Crease
towards Ankle
Knee Crease
towards Thigh
below Thigh
above Calf 
7" 7" 14" 19"-23"
Adult Small
6" 6" 12" 13"-19" 11"-16"
Pediatric Large
5 ¼" 5 ¼"
10 ½"
10"-14" 8"-13"
Pediatric Medium
4 ½"
4 ½"
9" 6"-11" 5"-10"
Pediatric Small
3 ¾"
3 ¾"
7 ½"
5"-10" 4"-6"