Comfy™ Splints Locking Elbow Orthosis

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The Comfy Locking Elbow Orthosis
was designed to aid in elbow extension following injury, surgery, neurological complications, or CVA. It can be easily adjusted and locked by pulling out the locking ring, adjusting the splint to one of six positions, and putting the ring back in. Each Comfy Locking Elbow Orthosis comes with a terrycloth cover that adds comfort and wicks away moisture. Available in Adult and Pediatric sizes. The Comfy Locking Elbow Orthosis is only returnable, unused, within thirty days. Optional E-pad available for pressure protection.

Product Benefits:
  • Helps restrict arthritic changes and deformity related to neuromascular impairment.
  • Maintains skin integrity by absorbing moisture, allowing air circulation and preventing skin maceration on upper arm and forearm.
  • The splint is adjustable and readjustable to individual patient without the use of heat or tools.
  • It is soft with rounded padded edges to minimize self injury.

Covers are color-coded depending on size: navy for adults, lavender for pediatric small, turquoise for pediatric medium, and teal for pediatric large.

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