Comfy™ Splints Hand Wrist Orthosis

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Comfy™ Hand Orthosis
provides support and positioning for the weak or deformed Wrist, Hand or Fingers. It serves as an excellent resting splint to prevent trauma to joints and positions to increase range of motion. This popular splint provides support and positioning for weak or deformed hands. Side wings prevent ulnar and radial deviation. Arm cuffs easily adjust to width of arm. Excellent resting splint to prevent trauma to joints and increases range of motion.

Therapeutic uses of the Comfy™ Splints Hand Wrist Orthosis:

  • Graduated extension of the spastic clenched fingers and wrist
  • Corrects and controls radial or ulnar deviation 
  • Controls wrist drop 
  • Helps restrict arthritic changes and deformity related to neuromascular impairment 
  • Positions the flaccid hand and wrist 
  • Maintains skin integrity by absorbing moisture, allowing air circulation and preventing skin maceration on palmer surface 
  • Allows for increased hygiene care by allowing nail care and cleaning of palmer surface 
  • Optional Finger Separator attachment (FS-1) helps improve hygiene and prevent skin breakdown at joints between fingers 
  • Maintenance of functional position of the wrist and hand 


    • Sizing Chart
     Size  Wrist to Tip of Middle Finger
    Total Length
    Adult Large
    8" and above
    Adult 7" to 8"
    Adult Small
    6" to 7" 11"
    Pediatric Large 4.5" to 6"
    Pediatric Medium
    3" to 4.5" 8"
    Pediatric Small
    2.5" to 3.5" 7"


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