Thermaphore Regular Heat Pad 14" X 27"

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Thermophore Moist Heat Pad/Pack. Conveniently provides moist heat treatments. Special, tightly-woven fleece blend cover retains moisture from the air. Temporarily relieves pain derived from arthritis, bursitis, backaches and muscle spasms. Special "on" switch gives user complete control of the high temperature to tolerance. If user's grip on the switch relaxes, the heat automatically turns off. Heat is maintained for 15 - 30 minutes. Petite size is designed specifically for use on the neck, throat, sinuses and jaw areas. Medium size is especially useful for children or smaller adults; and for use on the hands, feet, shoulders, elbows and knees. Standard size can be applied to larger areas of the body, including the entire spine or other large areas. Standard (14? x 27?)
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