Core Products Trident Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

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Core Products Trident Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Simply put, this knee brace takes the load off the knee. This process - known as medial or lateral unloading - helps alleviate pain making it easier to get moving again.

Features and Benefits

  • A lightweight design provides comfortable, low-maintenance relief for moderate osteoarthritis knee pain.
  • At less than 12 oz, the Trident is now one of the lightest OA knee braces available.
  • By applying force via condyle pads at three points, the braces patented Dynamic Wedge System uses the fulcrum effect to reduce pressure on the affected area of the knee. 
  • Force is applied to the center condyle pad by straps originating at each opposing condyle pad.
  • Use for Medial and Lateral unloading.
  • Low profile, lightweight.
  • Easy to put on and adjust for comfort and fit.
  • One size fits most, bilateral.
  • Neoprene.
  • Hand washable.