Hand Brace

While using our hands on a daily basis is something we may take for granted, injuries and other conditions may hinder use, or reduce overall function.  The use of our hand, wrist, and fingers are very important to us and based on your injury, a doctor may recommend the use of a hand support, wrist brace or splint.  BraceMart offers one of the largest selections of the highest quality hand supports and bracing available.  Choose from one our Comfy Splints products for a more secure and stabilized hand, to something like our universal wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).   If you are experiencing pain, numbness or other symptoms of discomfort in your wrist, finger(s) or hand, be sure to consult with your doctor before trying to address the problem with any type of hand or wrist brace. Your doctor may need to perform a more in depth examination, or even take x-rays to better understand the cause of your discomfort and requirements for your treatment.