Biostim M7 Digital Tens Device;2-Channel

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BioStim M7. Compact, lightweight and functional dual-channel TENS. Multiple modes ensures patient success, and the patient will be less apt to acclimate to the therapy when the unit is worn for long time periods. Seven programmable functions include; continuous, width modulation, rate modulation, rate and width modulation, strength duration 1, strength duration 2 and cycled burstSD1 and SD2 provide stimulation to all (over 100) nerve groups that cause pain, eliminating the guesswork of setting up the device. Offers extreme precision and flexibility for the therapist. 1% tolerance on this ?true digital? technology means the unit holds the integrity of the settings chosen by the therapist. Intensity is continually adjustable from 0 - 98 mA peak. Frequency is 1 - 200 Hz. Features a patient lock system that prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters, a timer to time therapy sessions and a patient compliance meter to display how long the unit was used. Unit has a timer. Comes with four electrodes, 48? wires, two "AA" Eveready batteries and a carrying case. Five-year warranty Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sales by or on the order of a practitioner licensed by law in the state in which he/she practices, according to 21 CFR 801.109.
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