Comfy™ Splints Ambulating Boot Orthosis

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The Comfy™ Ambulating Boot Orthosis
is for the patient who requires positioning but can also transfer and ambulate. It has a rubber sole with non-slip surface that provides a walking base so patients can walk comfortably. The Comfy™ Ambulating Boot comes with a washable cover and an anti-rotational bar.

The Comfy™ Ambulating Boot with Straps Orthosis helps control plantar flexion. The straps can be adjusted and readjusted.  Extra ankle strap for ankle support.

Also available without ambulatory support.

Features of the Comfy™ Ambulating Boot:

  • Soft fleece lined cover wisks away moisture away from the skin to maintain skin integrity
  • Allows heel to float thus eliminating pressure of friction on the heel and enhances blood circulation that is vital to healing
  • The splint frame resists plantar flexion while providing a dynamic push toe extension for the correction of foot drop, foot ankle contractures and deformity
  • The adjustable toe post relieves pressure on the toes and adjusts to accommodate variation of foot sizes.
  • Rotation Bar can be positioned to the side to control hip and leg rotation
  • An extender kit is included to meet the needs of increased calf and foot circumference and or edema

All Comfy™ boots now come with an antimicrobial surface protector that creates an invisible shield against mold and mildew, stains, bacteria, fungus and algae. This agent helps protect against skin breakdown and greatly reduces risk of infection and readmissions.

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  Adult Pediatric
Foot Length 8" to 13" 5" to 8"
Calf Circumference Up to 16" Up to 11"
Heel to Top Calf 11.5" 7"
Material Available

Headliner &
Fleece-lined Headliner

Headliner ONLY



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