Swede-O Strap Lok Ankle Brace

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Bullet Proof Your Ankles

The Swede-O Strap Lok combines the exclusive Ankle Lok lacing system with non-stretch nylon figure eight straps and a heavy-duty full top strap.

The lacing system with offset panel traps the laces between the inner and outer panel, which keeps the laces tighter longer than competitors’ braces.

The figure eight straps simulate the effect of a professional taping procedure to lock the ankle in a protected position.

The top strap locks the figure eight straps in position for a much more secure fit.

The ballistic nylon construction is durable, thin and lightweight to fit comfortably in athletic shoes.

The brace includes many exclusive Swede-O features such as a full elastic back, seamless arch, breathable tongue and is backed by an industry leading 12 month warranty.


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White Ankle Brace is no longer available as an option.

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