Core Products Semi-Universal Trochanter

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Core Products Semi-Universal Trochanter

Features and Benefits

  • Goal is to control motion of the hip joints.
  • Useful in reducing inflammation.
  • Relieves muscle strain supplementing stomach muscles that are  stretched or weakened.
  • Used for postpartum, post-traumatic and hypermobility of the hip joints.
  • Ideal for Sciatica Pain, Scoliosis caused by pelvic instability, Hyper Mobility of the Sacroiliac Joints, Ligamentous Laxity due to pregnancy and more.
  • With compression of the pelvic region, our Sacroiliac/Trochanter Belt aids in immobilization and helps relieve muscle strain when stretched as in postpartum applications.
  • Durable but plush, 4” high hook and loop body provides maximum support to the sacrum.
  • Elastic side pulls increase sacroiliac support.
  • CorEdge® finish for added comfort.
  • Hand washable.
  • Latex free.


Measure hip circumference at the widest point.

Small/Medium   28” - 37”
Large/X-Large   38” - 47”