Core Products CorFit Sacroiliac Back Support Belt

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Core Products CorFit Sacroiliac Back Support Belt

Features and Benefits

  • Helps reduce the discomfort associated with sacroiliac joint pain.
  • Wrapping around the hips and pelvic girdle, it compresses the SI joint and symphysis pubis together, creating compressive stabilization for ligament injury, core weakness or abnormal SI joint alignment.
  • Elastic construction with CorEdge Finish provides 10% more stretch, conforming perfectly to your body without binding or irritation.
  • Hand washable.
  • Latex free.
  • Ideal for Sciatica Pain, Scoliosis caused by pelvic instability, Hyper Mobility of the Sacroiliac Joints, Ligamentous Laxity due to pregnancy and more.
  • Designed to specifically relieve instability and painful stress of the pelvis and the lower spine  joints in the buttocks area.
  • Provides support and stabilizes the sacrum by comfortably squeezing together these major weight-bearing joints during healing.
  • Also stabilizes the hip joints and helps relieve sciatica pain and scoliosis caused by pelvic instability.
  • Best used after an injury, with hyper mobility of the sacroiliac joints or after a pregnancy.


Measure hip circumference at the widest point

Small    28” - 32”
Medium/Large    32” - 43”
X-Large    43” - 47”
2X-Large    48” - 52”
3X-Large    53” - 57”

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