Core Products Baby Hugger Single

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Core Products Baby Hugger Single

Baby Hugger protects the ligaments from over stretching. This helps to prevent aging incontinence, stretch marks, varicose veins, edema, and other discomforts later in life.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps relieve backache, pelvic pressure and heaviness, belly weakness and pain, hernias, swollen veins, hip pain, frequent urination and edema.
  • Helps protect ligaments from overstretching and causing prolapses and future incontinence.
  • Baby Hugger’s unique central lift takes weight off the back, bladder, veins and ligaments, and lifts thoroughly - from the top, beneath and at the sides.
  • Cool, comfortable cotton fabric is completely adjustable, fitting for 9 months of pregnancy.
  • Soft hook and loop closure.
  • Crotch panel opens easily for bathroom use.
  • Extra Baby Hugger Pants available separately.
  • Latex free.


Use pre-pregnancy dress size.

X-Small   0 - 4
Small   4 - 8
Medium   8 - 12
Large   12 - 16
X-Large   16 - 24
XX-Large   24 - 28

Options Long Waist Small, Long Waist Medium and Long Waist Large are no longer available.

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