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Posted by Jacqueline Carpenter on 13th Mar 2017

Chris Smith, a SureSport Athlete, has just returned from a successful ultra endurance run across India. Starting in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Chris ran through the Goa mountains and dead heat of Goa's interior to the Arabian Sea. He then turned inland through the state of Karnataka to the city of Bangalore and took a short diversion down to view the Mysore Palace before entering the fourth state of Tamilnadu. He finished in Chennai at the Bay of Bengal for a total of 1,018.6 miles. The purpose of this challenging ultra run was to bring attention to human trafficking in India and around the world. "Two-million steps to Hope" (1,000 miles) became a catch phrase, mirroring the two-million children who are trapped in the sex slave industry in India. Through the "Run India" expedition, the Sparrow's Hope non-profit NGO collected donations to distribute to Survivor's Inc. (Columbus, Ohio), Rahab's Rope (Atlanta), and International Justice Mission. Along the way, India's national and local television stations and newspapers covered the crossing, highlighting human trafficking and women's abuse across the nation and bringing a focus never before seen in this culture. What could have been a more dangerous venture became a humanitarian effort greatly supported by India's people of both Hindu and Christian backgrounds. "Your children are our future leaders," "Women are the backbone of our society," and "Men, why do you not stand up and say stop, enough?!" were echoed across the Indian media by Chris. This athletic feat became a life changing event and a humbling experience to many, including our friend and SureSport athlete, Chris Smith.

During Chris's two million step endeavor, he wore non-other than SureSport compression products to help him achieve his goal. SureSport compression socks and calf sleeves were designed and manufactured for the "serious" athlete. The true graduated medical grade compression enhances performance with less effort. Quicker recovery time allows for increased training activity.  They can also be used during long flights or car rides where you are sitting for long periods of time, to reduce swelling in the lower legs and feet and help aid in preventing blood clots and varicose veins. 

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Chris Smith Run Across India

Chris Smith SureSport Athlete

Chris Smith Run Across India

Run across India