Product Spotlight: Core® Pain Remedy™ Plus Wireless TENS

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 31st May 2017

The Core® Pain Remedy™ Plus Wireless TENS is one of our more unique pain relief products. With two models available, the Core Pain Remedy Plus Wireless TENS (which stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) is an affordable and versatile technology that can help relieve pain.


The product is an over-the-counter system that uses electrical pulses to soothe sore or aching muscles. Its versatility, wireless design and size allow it to be used discreetly just about anywhere on the body, and it can be stored anywhere in the home or taken on the go. Read on to find out how TENS can provide pain relief and why the Core Pain Remedy Plus is a great product for muscle soreness.

Who Is It For?

The Core Pain Remedy Plus is used to temporarily relieve muscle pain and soreness. This soreness could be the result of everyday work, exercise or injury. The unit can potentially help anyone who suffers from muscle soreness, and is suitable for around-the-house use or on the go.

If you’re looking to ease pain and soreness, and unwind after a long, strenuous day, the Core Pain Remedy Plus can help.

How Does Electrical Stimulation Help?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation works by delivering small pulses of electric current via electrodes to the nerves beneath the skin. These pulses activate the underlying nerves, and muscle pain or soreness is temporarily relieved. There is no definitive scientific consensus on why this method can be effective, but there are two general theories.

The gate control theory proposes that there is a gate mechanism in the central nervous system through which pain signals must pass. If that gate is blocked, those signals are prevented from reaching your brain. According to the theory, electric pulses close the gate and block the pain signals from traveling to the brain.

The other theory is that electrical pulses cause the body to release its own natural pain relievers - endorphins - that contribute to pain relief. Many studies have shown an increase in endorphin levels after the use of low-frequency electrical stimulation.

How Does the Core Pain Remedy Plus Work?

The Core Pain Remedy Plus combines rechargeable receivers with snap style electrodes that adhere to the body and deliver electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves and block pain signals. You simply apply the adhesive pads to the affected area - back, arms, legs, etc. - and then use a wireless control unit to run preprogrammed treatment modes and adjust intensity levels.

The pre-programmed treatment time lasts 45 minutes. With the two included receivers and dual channel controller, you can simultaneously target two areas of the body and even run separate preprogrammed modes and intensity levels for each receiver. The unit comes with four different modes (each appropriate for different areas of the body) and 20 intensity levels, so you can experiment to find the program and intensity that’s appropriate for your pain.

The rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to swap batteries. The unit is also small and very portable, so it’s easy to store or take on the road when needed. Finally, you have the option of selecting a 4-pack of 2” x 2” round electrodes or 1-pack of the 3”x5” body electrode to best target the area of pain.

Why Choose Core Products?

The Core Pain Remedy Plus provides fast, effective, drug free pain relief, and can be one part of an overall routine that may also include stretching and massage. Oftentimes, portable TENS require wires that run from the controller to the electrodes, but our product is wireless and can be discreetly worn under clothing. It’s exceedingly easy to use, and because we’re confident in its quality we back it up with a one-year warranty.

By Brian Acton | Posted on March 9, 2017 by Core Products