How to Deal with Runner’s Knee

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 5th Jun 2017

Runner’s knee is awful.

Medically known as chondromalacia patella, runner’s knee is the cause of an unstable kneecap. This can occur from a fracture, a different injury to the kneecap/knee or simply overuse of one’s knee (running, jumping, etc.).

Runner’s knee occurs most commonly in adolescents and young adults. However, this does not leave older adults in the clear.

A few of the common symptoms include a grating or grinding sensation in the knee, general knee pain or tenderness, as well as worsening pain when using stairs, during prolonged periods of sitting and with running or jumping.

A few ways to treat runner’s knee and relieve some of the pain can include:

- Rest – Generally the best method for dealing with an injury

- Stretch – Stretching before and after exercise is a fantastic way to help the muscles and ligaments in your leg warm up/cool down. Pay particular attention to those around your knee.

- Weight train – Strengthening the muscles in your leg and around your knee can help stabilize the patella.

- Proper shoes – Ill-fitting running shoes or other athletic footwear is a recipe for injury. Make sure shoes are the right fit and aren’t worn out.

- Proper form – Form is critical for any exercise, including running. Film yourself or have someone watch your gait to see where you can improve.

Another option for dealing with runner’s knee is to wear a compression sleeve or knee brace. Core Products offers a few knee sleeves specifically for runner’s knee. The Standard Neoprene Knee Support is a comfortable support that still allows a full range of motion.

The Performance Wrap Knee Support provides a custom fit for maximum support and a full range of motion. It’s the best all-around knee support for a multitude of knee issues including runner’s knee.

Our Front Closure Wraparound Knee Support is ideal for sprains and strains (as well as runner’s knee). The front closures on this knee brace make it easy to take on/off and the neoprene construction provides great comfort. The open back style of this brace prevents bunching.

Source: Posted on June 19, 2015 by Core Products