Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 17th May 2017

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Your dad is your hero, not just because of the way he loves his family, but also because of the way he strives to make himself a better person each day. Show dad you notice his hard work and dedication to self-improvement by giving a gift that reflects that commitment to his personal best!

1. Sports Knee Support – Your dad will love this low-profile breathable and durable knee support. Whether he’s on the hiking trail, basketball court, or in the gym, he’ll conquer his hobbies with confidence knowing he can trust his knees to be strong and stable. The SureSport Closed Patella Knee Support Sleeve-Silicone Pad and Side Supports protects against the effects of overuse and high impact while providing support, compression, padding and warmth to the knee.

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Closed Patella Knee Support Sleeve-Silicone Pad and Side Supports

The perfect gift for dads who love: Running, hiking, basketball

2. Sports Compression Sleeves (Calf Sleeve) – Compression sleeves are hot right now! Professional athletes and amateurs alike are seeing the endurance and recovery benefits of improved circulation. Your dad will enjoy his workout more if he can train longer, harder and with quicker recovery times. The SureSport Calf Compression Sleeves were designed and manufactured for the serious athlete. The true 18-25 mmHg graduated compression enhances performance with less effort. Quicker recovery time allows for increased training activity. In addition, the compression sleeves reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis during long travel periods where activity is limited. These compression sleeves come in pairs:

Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves

The perfect gift for dads who love: Running, traveling, cycling

3. Sports Ankle Support – Nothing slows down an active dad like a rolled ankle. Give him the gift of stability with this sporty, lightweight ankle support. Features: “Figure 8” compression provides greater overall foot support without having to tape. Helps relieve pain and provides comfort related to plantar fasciitis. Can be worn under or over socks. Maintains a natural feel that’s soft, lightweight and breathable. Dries quickly. 

SureSport® Ultra 8 Plantar Fasciitis Foot / Ankle Compression Sleeve

The perfect gift for dads who love: Tennis, running, volleyball, hiking

4. Sports Elbow Support – Improve dad’s swing with this elbow support. The SureSport Therapeutic Infrared Elbow Sleeve is designed to soothe your painful, aching elbow with FAR infrared technology. The FAR infrared support helps relieve pain by retaining body heat and emitting safe FAR infrared rays that penetrate deep into the joint and surrounding tissues of the elbow to help increase blood-flow which will in turn, reduce inflammation, decrease pain and speed the healing process. The intricately knit material gives support while allowing you to bend, sit and walk with ease. Slips on and stays in place all day.

Sport Elbow Sleeve

The perfect gift for dads who love: Golf, tennis, weight lifting, baseball/softball

5. Sports Back Support – Back pain is one of the most common complaints by American men. The lumbar back support belt provides therapeutic warmth and support to the lower back. Its contoured design with plastic stays and pull straps provides a comfortable fit to maximize support. Promotes flexibility and reduces strain on lower back connective tissue and muscles. Made from Neoprene & Velcro.. Most of all, dad will love the breathable, non-bulky design and flat fit which allows maximum freedom of movement.

SureSport Lumbar Back Brace

The perfect gift for dads who love: Weight lifting, golf, yard work