How to Deal with Runner’s Knee

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 5th Jun 2017

Runner’s knee is awful.Medically known as chondromalacia patella, runner’s knee is the cause of an unstable kneecap. This can occur from a fracture, a different injury to the kneecap/knee or simply ov … read more

What is an Orthopedic Support Pillow?

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 24th May 2017

Orthopedic Support Pillows Support pillows are designed to help a. correct and b. maintain proper cervical posture/alignment while sleeping by providing the right amount of resistive feedback into … read more

Product Spotlight: Performance Wrap™ Knee Support

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 23rd May 2017

In this week’s Product Spotlight, we’re focusing on the Core Products Performance Wrap Knee Support, designed to help provide knee stability and support for knee problems. While there are ma … read more

Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Michael T. Vondrasek on 17th May 2017

Your dad is your hero, not just because of the way he loves his family, but also because of the way he strives to make himself a better person each day. Show dad you notice his hard work and dedicatio … read more