Ankle Brace

Minimize pain while maximizing comfort during your daily routine, sports and exercise or recovery with one of our many lightweight ankle supports.  BraceMart offers one of the widest varieties of lightweight ankle supports that are in most cases thin enough to be worn in your shoes.  These lightweight ankle supports provide increased stabilization while preventing weak ankles from rolling, twisting or further straining or spraining.  There are many variations of material, size, color and function.  Some of our most popular lightweight ankle supports include SureSport Ultra 8SureCare Ankle Support, DeRoyal Sports Ankle and McDavid Elite.

Be sure to choose the correct support based on your condition needs, activity and level of support.  The lightweight lace up ankle supports allow you a great range of motion while maintaining adequate support and protection from injury.  These braces are fully adjustable and in most cases include figure 8 strapping to strengthen the ankle joint.  In addition, ankle stabilizers provide good support and are sometimes less bulky.  These ankle supports are very similar to sports/kinesio tape and even help support shallow arches.  Using an ankle support that provides compression while help with controlling swelling and promote greater blood flow leading to faster recovery.  Hot and cold therapy are great complements to ankle supports and provide greater soothing relief.

What is the difference between a strain and a sprain?