Pillo-Pedic Mini-Traveler Pillow

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Pillo-Pedic Mini-Traveler Pillow for Safe & Comfy Travels

The most difficult part of traveling is often the discomfort you experience getting there, staying there and heading home while coping with airplanes, hotel beds, trains, cars, buses and more airplanes. The Pillo-Pedic Mini-Traveler Pillow makes the journey pain-free. Recommended by healthcare professionals for those who suffer from neck problems, the Pillo-Pedic Mini-Traveler Pillow delivers a mild traction force to the neck while you rest as it promotes and encourages proper neck posture and alignment of the cervical spine. The patented and unique 4-way construction offers 2 edges made of therapeutic foam and 2 fiber-center choices in soft and medium support. The Pillo-Pedic Mini-Traveler Pillow helps alleviate whiplash pain, neck and shoulder pain, and tension headaches. This means you'll experience comfort sleeping on your side or back and awaken refreshed, energetic and pain-free.

  • Four-Way Support Pillow.
  • Use For Whiplash, Neck And Shoulder Problems, Tension Headaches, Etc..
  • Provides Therapeutic Traction To Help Adjustments Hold Better.
  • Ideal For Side- And Back-Lying
  • Positions. 15 1/2" X 23" X 5"

PILLO-PEDIC Mini-Traveler Pillow Features

  • Recommended by healthcare professionals for those with neck problems.
  • Delivers mild traction force to neck during rest.
  • Alleviates pain, stress and tension of the neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • Ideal for both side- and back-sleeping positions.
  • Designed especially for the traveler.
  • Made from therapeutic foam and fiber.
  • Available in standard (adult), junior (children and small-framed adults under 110 lbs.) and extra for large-framed adults (over 180 lbs.).
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.

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