Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

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Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Made in the USA, the most requested fiber support pillow provides better support and lasts longer than traditional pillows. The trapezoid-shaped center delivers great orthopedic benefits for back sleeping by cradling the head and allowing the built-in neck roll to firmly support the neck. The comfortable, but firm, side lobes support the head in a natural position when side sleeping.

Cervical support pillows are used when a cervical hypolordosis (less than normal curvature of the spine) exists, to prevent hypolordosis, or when cervical spasms or strains occur.  These pillows are orthotic devices (apparatus used to align or support) used to help relieve spasms, remove minor tensions and maintain or resume the natural cervical lordotic curve while at rest. 

Features and Benefits

  • Natural placement of the head and neck can help relieve intense pain by providing natural and correct posturing in supine (back) and side-sleeping positions.
  • By providing proper neck support, cervical pillows can help with neck muscle and joint strains and sprains, tension headaches, whiplash injuries, arthritis, morning hand stiffness and swelling, temporomandibular disorders, stiffness and snoring (in some cases).
  • Helps eliminate symptoms by treating the cause of the condition.
  • Ensures continued good health by helping sustain the body in its proper, natural posture.
  • Two different width neck rolls on top and bottom provide a custom fit for different sized sleepers.
  • The generous side lobes are taller for side sleeping, and help support the neck.
  • High resiliency fiber springs back when compressed for exceptional comfort and durability.
  • Blended cotton cover is breathable and soft to the touch.
  • 240 thread count, deluxe material and a very high quality soft luxurious fiber that lasts a long time and offers correction and comfort.
  • Hand washable.
  • The Tri-Core standard size fits a standard pillowcase and the midsize and petite will leave some extra room.
  • Optional Blue Slip On Pillowcase, available separately, also fits any standard pillow and helps increase the life of your pillow.


  • Standard Size – Firm & Gentle, 24x16" (61cm x 41cm). Most adults find the standard size to be appropriate.
  • Midsize – Firm & Gentle, 22x15" (56cm x 38cm). Smaller framed adults generally find the midsize appropriate.
  • Petite – Firm, 19x12" (48cm x 38cm). Petite adults and children generally find the petite size to be appropriate.

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