Core Products Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

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Core Products Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

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This pillow doesn’t look like what you would expect – that’s because it was designed by an Ergonomic Designer in consultation with a Doctor of Chiropractic. One of the key goals to sound sleep is ‘Spinal Alignment’ which can help you to be more comfortable. Because people sleep on their backs, sides, or both, this pillow was created to work for each sleeping position. The ergonomic design offers comfortable support and stability in all sleeping postures. The result is a more sound sleep and less tendency to wake with pain, stiffness and many of the symptoms resulting from lack of support.

Features and Benefits

  • Fitted, zippered, machine washable polyester/cotton pillow cover included.
  • The unique density of our foam creates a softness, which allows for an extremely comfortable, yet supportive nights sleep.
  • Five-year warranty not to lose shape or resilience. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Five sizes for a custom fit.
  • Child, Petite and Average fit into a standard pillow case.
  • Large and X-Large fit a king-size pillow case.
  • Made of non-allergenic, non-toxic foam.
  • Not only an investment in a pillow, but an investment in your future health.
  • Gives distinctly different support for back and side sleeping.
  • Provides back and neck therapy while you sleep, relieving stress and relaxing muscles.
  • Prevents your head from being pushed forward while sleeping on your back and this helps reduce snoring by aiding in keeping critical air passages open.


Shoulder Measurement

Child: 6 - 10 yrs. old
Petite: 4¼" - 5¼"
Average: 5¼" - 6¼"
Large: 6¼" - 7¼"
Extra Large: 7¼" - Plus


Side Sleeping Therapy

For side sleeping therapy, the ‘Side Sections’ are higher to accommodate your shoulder properly and contoured to rest your head and neck comfortably in a natural position that allows correct spinal alignment. Pressure is minimized and stress is reduced from every contact surface of your head, neck and shoulder.

Back Sleeping Therapy

For back sleeping therapy, the ‘Wedge Extension’ provides upper back support. The ‘Cervical Contour’ provides correct neck support. And the ‘Center Cavity’ cradles your head. Altogether, maintaining correct spinal alignment. This support aids in the relief and prevention of neck and upper back pain.

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