Core Products Bed Wedge

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Core Products Bed Wedge

Features and Benefits

  • A convenient solution to elevate the upper body or legs, helping to relieve the symptoms of hiatal hernia and reflux disorders.
  • Gentle elevation helps alleviate the pain or numbness sometimes caused by lying flat on the back.
  • Unique two-piece hinged design constructed of precision cut, high quality foam with zippered cover.
  • Comes in three heights for three different degrees of elevation.
  • It can easily be placed in or on a bed.
  • Use them while reading or watching television as well as while sleeping. 
  • 24” x 24” (56cm x 56cm).
  • Latex free.


7” wedge: 16.26° incline = 18.06% incline
10” wedge: 22.62° incline = 25.13% incline
12” wedge: 25.6° incline = 28.44% incline